I know my oak trees. When the grazing period comes around I seek to maintain a balance between the quantity of acorns and the number of pigs. I work to preserve the pasturelands.

A pig farmer proud
of the ecosystem and the
Iberian breed

I open and close the windows of the drying rooms where I work in order to take advantage of the climatic conditions in the Sierra. I then watch over the curing process of the hams and shoulders in the silence of my cellar. My passion? Elaborating ham.

A ham maker proud of
the micro climate and
the slow pace of life

We are responsible for certifying pasturelands, drying rooms and cellars. We verify the breed of the pigs and we check their nutrition during the grazing period. We also inspect the drying process of the hams and shoulders. We only certify those pieces which pass the origin and quality standards demanded by the Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin.

An expert proud of the
culmination of a job
well done

Protected Designation of Origin

Avda. Infanta Mª Luisa, 1
Edificio El Tiro
21290 JABUGO (Huelva)

Telephone: (+34) 959 127 900